About Us

Tahsinur Rahman Shihan: During my childhood, birds and animals easily took my attention. For whole days I thought about birds and their nests; I kept watching where the birds made their nests, and sometimes I even took a bird chick and tried to raise it. I had a pet cat and a few pet rats when I was in class five. My father gifted me a book named “The Book of Indian Birds” by Salim Ali; I spent hours looking at the photos in the book and reading of the habits of the birds. Due to this interest in 2008, I was admitted to Zoology at Jahangirnagar University. The first butterfly I photographed was a Monkey Puzzle (Rathinda amor) at Chuadanga in 2008, when a compact camera was in my hand. I was very happy with this and every day photographed many butterflies. My love for birds turned into a love for butterflies because photography of butterflies with a compact camera was easier than photography of birds. During study period at Jahangirnagar University my passion for butterflies rose day by day, because this campus had a large habitat with many different butterflies. In 2010 a popular “Butterfly Fair” was arranged in this campus by Professor Dr. Monwar Hossain. He made a cage for butterfly breeding, rearing and reintroduction. From this I learned about rearing butterflies and about their early stages. Additionally, I am grateful to Professor Dr. M. Monirul H. Khan, Department of Zoology, Jahangirnagar University. He gave me many opportunities during 2012 to 2015 to visit different forest habitats of Chittagong, Bandarban, Sylhet, Pabna and Panchagar with him. Beside studying the wildlife I observed and documented the status and distribution of butterflies. Another opportunity came when I was working in the Kaptai National Park during 2013 to 2015 on the project "Monitoring and conservation of wildlife of Kaptai National Park". This Park has a diversified habitat of butterflies. I am also grateful to Bayezid Khan, Mohammed Arif Hossain Prodhan, Nimus Sadat Khan, Rahul Basak, Shihab Khaledin Aungkur, Tania Khan, Munir Ahmed Khan and Rasel Ahammed. They have helped me in much of my field work. Furthermore, when I stayed at Chuadanga and Jahangirnagar University campus, I studied the ecology and life cycle of many species of butterflies.

Mohammad Quamruzzaman Babu (M.Q. Babu): He was born in Dhaka and a nature lover, photographer and interested in wildlife conservation. He has been working in Wildlife Conservation Team in Bangladesh (WCTBD). He has been working on a diversity of butterflies mainly in the northeast region of Bangladesh and was visiting the forests of Sylhet region regularly. He was photographed various species of snakes, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and butterflies with notable rare species from the Satchari National Park, Lawachara National Park, Rakandi Reserved Forest (Adampur). However, he also visited the Sundarban, Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary, Nijhum Dwip National Park, Hajarikhil Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaptai National Park, Shitakundo Eco Park, Remakalenga Wildlife Sanctuary, Kuakata, Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary, Himchari National Park, Chakaria Forest, Ramsagar National Park and Bhawal National Park for studying wildlife and butterflies. In Bangladesh, for a rising public awareness and conservation he was arranging a photography competition and exhibition for Herpeto-fauna (Amphibian and Reptiles) at Jagannath University with the help of Bangladesh Forest Department. His organization “Wildlife Conservation Team of Bangladesh” help Wildlife Crime Control Unit and RAB for rescue wild birds and mammals at Dhaka city and Satchari National Park. He was also arranged a public awareness program for conservation of wildlife with the support of Climate-Resilient Ecosystems and Livelihoods (CREL) of Chunarughat Branch with USAID. Furthermore, he was also arranged tree plantation programme in Dhaka and Satchari. 

Prosenjit Debbarma (P. Debbarma): He was born in Satchari, Hobigonj. He studied at the Bindabon Government College, Hobiganj of Sylhet. He is a nature lover and photographer. He has been working in Wildlife Conservation Team in Bangladesh (WCTBD). He was photographed many species of snakes, frogs, mammals and butterflies from a mixed evergreen forest of northeast region of Bangladesh. He took part in the awareness program arranged by Wildlife Conservation Team of Bangladesh (WCTBD) and rescue birds and mammals from poachers. He was participating in the photography competition and exhibition for Herpeto-fauna (Amphibian and and Reptiles) and were also involved in the tree plantation programme. 

Md. Bakhtiar Hamid: He was born in Belgachi, Chuadanga and a bird and nature lover. He passed his S.S.C examination from Shemanto High School Chuadanga and completed Degree Pass course in Arts from Chuadanga Government College. He is an assistant teacher of the Gaidghat Government Primary School. He was started birding and nature photography during 2009 and founder of “Pakhi Gram Belgachi” organization. This organization helps to bird’s survivor in Chuadanga and members are making bird nests on the tree in different areas. Their activities are very popular and many television channels made video documentary and leading newspaper published articles about “Pakhi Gram Belgachi” activities.