Jamides alecto

Jamides alecto alocina Swinhoe, 1915 – Metallic Cerulean
Family- Lycaenidae

Ventral view. Ruma, Bandarban. 06-10-2012

Ventral view. Kaptai National Park, Rangamati. 22-03-2014

Ventral view. Kaptai National Park, Rangamati. 04-01-2015

Status: Uncommon. Habit and Habitat: Found mainly mixed evergreen forests but rarely seen on homestead vegetation, farmland, agriculture field, roadside bushes, gardens, disturbed lands and deciduous forest. Flight fast. Often seen single or two-three individual’s puddle on bird droppings and wet sand. Local Distribution: Northeast, southwest and southeast. Range: Bangladesh, India Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.

Published: 14/11/2016