Polyura athamas

Polyura athamas athamas Drury, 1773 – Common Nawab
Family- Nymphalidae

Dorsal view. Rangamati. 15-07-2014

An individual feeding on animal dung. Rangamati.27-01-2014

An individual on mud puddle. Rangamati.27-01-2014

Status: Common. Habit and Habitat: Restricted in the mixed evergreen forests. Very fast flier. Commonly seen single or in a group feeding on animal dung, dead crab, dead fish, tree sap and puddle on damp patch. Female is larger than male. Remarkable pale greenish-yellow discal band present. Male and female similar. Like Polyura arja but discal band narrower. Local Distribution: Central, northeast and southeast forest areas. Range: Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam and China.