Zemeros flegyas

Zemeros flegyas Cramer, 1780 – Punchinello
Family- Riodinidae


Male. Bandarban Golden Temple, Bandarban. 08-01-2015

Male. Boga Lake, Bandarban. 06-10-2012

Dorsal view of a female. Bandarban. 08-01-2015

Male individual.Bandarban Golden Temple, Bandarban. 08-01-2015

Female individual. Kaptai National Park, Rangamati. 27-12-2013

Male individual on road. Kaptai National Park, Rangamati. 22-12-2014

Status: Very common. Habit and Habitat: Fly slowly. Prefer moves around with in 1 metere from ground. Forest dweller. Local Distribution: Southeast and northeast forest of Bangladesh. Range: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Malaysia