Hesperiidae of Bangladesh

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Carissa spinarum

Carissa spinarum L. – Conkerberry/ Bush Plum/ Koromcha

Family – Apocynaceae

Larval host plant of Euploea core core (Common Crow)

Fruits. Belgachi, Chuadanga. 01-06-2017

Fruits. Belgachi, Chuadanga. 01-06-2017

Description of Plant:
The Conkerberry or Bush Plum is a sprawling semi-vine shrub native to Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India. It may bloom, fruiting on and off throughout the year. The main ripening season is August and September. Fruits can be eaten fresh or used for jellies or jam.

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Published Date: 26-07-2017

Butterflies of Australia

Book: The Complete Guide to the Butterflies of Australia

Author: Michael F. Braby
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood
Pages: 300
Year of Publication: 2004
Description: This book is a fully updated guide to all butterfly species on Australia's mainland and remote islands